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What kind of service do you need?

If you’re not sure what level of service you need, the below outlines our different levels of service. But you don’t need to book in for a particular service before you come in; we’ll check your bike over and then advise on which level of service you require.

As a rough guide, though – if you’re riding to work every day (5 miles +), think about a general service every six months or so. That keeps it tuned up nicely. A full service will leave your bike riding like new, and in reality is probably only necessary once a year or every 18 months.

Any new parts needed will be charged on top of the labour charge, but we’ll usually call you first to confirm you’re happy for us to go ahead.


Safety Check £59

  • Frame & forks wiped down and checked for alignment
  • Gears and brakes adjusted
  • Chain checked and lubricated
  • Wheels and tyres inspected for wear
  • Full safety check

This service is best suited to fairly new bikes which just need checking over and re-adjusting, or if a bike is in decent nick but has been sat in a shed and just needs a basic checkover to get it back on the road.


General Service £89

Keeping everything running and get rid of the road grime!

*If the bike is very dirty then an additional £10 will be charged as we will need to give the bike a clean before we can start the service.

  • A full safety check – making sure all parts are secure, with Allen bolts and all external bearings checked
    and adjusted


  • The frame and forks wiped clean and alignment checked
  • A headset check – is it too tight or too loose? We adjust it if necessary
  • A bottom bracket check – again, adjusted if necessary

Braking & drivetrain

  • Brakes & gears tested and adjusted for smooth braking and gear changes
  • All cables, chain and mechs lubricated


  • Wheels trued
  • Tyres, wheel hubs and rims checked for damage
  • And of course, tyres pumped up to the correct pressure level

*All pricing subject to assessment of bicycle. Service prices above are for labour and do not include parts.


Full Service £119 

You’ll leave with a super clean bike!

This is everything in the general service – but with additional cleaning too. We degrease both the front and rear mechs, as well as the chain, cassette and chainset. The bottom bracket is removed and re-greased then refitted, the frame has the threads re-cut if needed. This is our most popular service and it is ideal for the year round commuter who cycles through rain and shine.

*All pricing subject to assessment of bicycle. Service prices above are for labour and do not include parts.


Complete rebuild £189

Making your bike feel brand new

The complete rebuild has everything involved in the general service and full service, but with extra cleaning and checks. The details:


  • Stripping the bike right down to the frame and cleaning every part of it
  • Headset removed, taken apart and examined before rebuilding with new grease and refitted
  • Bottom bracket removed, cleaned and then rebuilt with new grease

Braking & drivetrain

  • Brake pads checked and replaced
  • Chain cleaned and degreased before refitting with new lubrication


  • Hubs are disassembled, cleaned and rebuilt with new grease before refitting and adjusting
  • Wheels trued and checked for damage

Everything else

  • All cables and housings replaced, with other fittings checked and re-lubricated
  • Other worn parts replaced
  • A full safety check – making sure all parts are secure

*All pricing subject to assessment of bicycle.  Service prices above are for labour and do not include parts.  Suspension and hub gear servicing not included, please enquire.



We have very limited storage space so please collect bikes as soon as they are ready, otherwise we can’t take in more work till your bike is collected.