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Brompton: The Bike Guide


The Brompton Lines Explained


A Line

Super simple. Super compact. 

Limited availability, usually only from or Halfords. The entry level model with the same steel frame utilising simplified componentry of 3 speed and mid handlebar only. Great for joining the fold and can be upgraded to have the same functionality and features as the C Line. 



C Line 

The original, made for today. 

Portable, versatile, with the broadest options including many colours. Available as a 2 or 6 speed.


Electric C Line  

The original, made to go further. 

Previously available as a 2 or 6 speed. Now updated with the lighter derailleur gear system with a 4 speed or 12 speed.


P Line 

Lightweight. Performance. 

The overhauled and revamped super light Brompton with a steel main frame and titanium fork and rear frame. With the lighter derailleur gear system available as a 4 speed or 12 speed.


Electric P Line 

Lightweight. Electric made easy.

Available as a 4 speed or 12 speed.


T Line

Ultralight. Titanium.

All-titanium frame with carbon bars and fork. Available with 1, 4 or 12 speed. Starting at just 7.45kg for the T Line One.


Gearing Options


C Line Uban = 2 speed 

C Line Explore = 6 speed

P and T Line Urban = 4 speed

P and T Line Explore = 12 speed 

T Line One = single speed 


(C Line Utility = 3 speed, now discontinued)


Handlebar Options


Low = straight handlebar, for sporty, more forward position

Mid = riser bar, for a natural, relaxed position

High = high riser bar, for a sit-up and enjoy-the-view position


Seatpost Height Options


Standard = for an inside leg of up to 84cm / 33 inches 

Extended = for an inside leg of up to 89cm / 35 inches 

Telescopic = for an inside leg of up to 99cm / 39 inches. Also great for those sharing a Brompton between smaller and taller riders.


Saddle Options


Brompton Standard Saddle = neutral position, suits most riders 

Brompton Standard Wide Saddle = for greater comfort, suitable for a more upright position 

Superlight Saddle = a sleeker, lighter saddle found as standard on the P Line with steel rails, or T Line with carbon rails. 

Brooks Cambium C17 All Weather Saddle = neutral fit, made with a vulcanized natural rubber top, it delivers immediate and adaptable performance, eliminating the need for a break-in period. 

Brooks B17 Special Saddle = neutral fit, the thick leather of the saddle molds to the rider over time, creating a personalised fit and overall improved comfort. Available as Male or Female fit.


Customising Your Brompton


Bromptons can be specified to your wishes, with colour options including mixing the colour of the main frame and extremities (rear frame, fork and stem), see example below. You can also spec the following:

Handlebar height

Saddle and seatpost



Lighting - reflectors, battery lights or dynamo lights

Fitting a rear rack

The lead time for custom orders is typically six to eight weeks, but if you don’t mind waiting we can spec the perfect bike for you.

Equally, being a fully equipped and experienced workshop, we can make some customisations to existing stock bikes. This may be something small such as swapping out the saddle or seatpost for something other than the one specified, or a bigger job such as adding a rack or a dynamo light kit.

Please get in touch to learn more.